Your Cat's Diet

Your Cat’s Diet

There are many available formulations of cat food to purchase for your feline friend. The best type of food to feed is a small kibble that you cat chews in his or her back teeth. The harder kibble helps to keep your cat’s oral health at its best and avoids the excessive calories found in canned food. It is also important to maintain your cat on one specific diet as changes in foods can lead to upset stomach or diarrhea.

I prefer that cats are meal fed rather than fed free choice because of obesity problems in the general feline population. Meal feeding allows you to measure how much your cat is eating. It also can be helpful should you have multiple cats in one household and one pet requires a prescription diet.

Many pet owners associate meal time as a display of affection to their cats. I would encourage you to promote active play with toys or a laser light or cuddle time as a replacement to meal time affection. This can help you avoid being awakened earlier and earlier every morning and also maintain your feline companion at a healthy weight to assure a long and full-filling life.