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Sick Pet Care

Sick Pet Care

Having an ill or uncomfortable pet can be very concerning to most pet owners. As our dogs and cats become more like family, we wish them to be happy and healthy members of our household. Trusty Vet is similar to a clinic where you would take your child for a mild illness. The most common reasons that pets visit the veterinarian include:

  • Skin and ear problems
  • Respiratory infections with sneezing and coughing
  • Gastrointestinal upset like vomiting and diarrhea
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Strains, sprains and arthritis pain
  • Cuts or hot spots
  • Endocrine diseases like diabetes in cats and hypothyroidism in dog.

At Trusty Vet, our aim is to help your pet with these typical sicknesses. If a discovery is made that your pet has a more extreme illness or injury, a referral will be made to a 24 hour critical care/emergency hospital where critical care and hospitalization can be provided so that your pet has the best chance for recovery.

When your dog or cat is sick, diagnostic testing can provide additional information that may not be evident during the veterinarian’s physical exam. At Trusty Vet, we make every effort to provide a rapid diagnosis to ease your pet’s discomfort as quickly as possible.

Digital radiographs or “x-rays” help to identify changes in your pet’s chest, abdomen, and bones that may be causing them to be ill or uncomfortable. With the digital software, the radiograph images appear on a high resolution screen instantly. The veterinarian can then zoom in to get a better look at the image and also rotate it or change how dark or light an image appears to aid in diagnosis. If an image is difficult to interpret, it can easily be sent by internet transmission to a board certified radiologist who can further analyze the radiograph and present a report in a matter of hours if necessary for an additional fee.

Laboratory testing covers not only the traditional bloodwork you would expect for an ill pet, but also microscope analysis and other symptom specific testing. The veterinarian has the option to order blood testing to be performed in the hospital to receive results within an hour or to be submitted to an outside laboratory at a reduced cost with an expected turn-around of 1-2 days. The choice will be based on a discussion with the pet owner and the severity of the pet’s symptoms.

The microscope is a valuable tool in the veterinary setting allowing specific diagnosis of many skin, ear, intestinal parasite, and urinary problems. There are a number of additional tests that the veterinarian may perform at Trusty Vet including checks for corneal ulcers of the eyes and blood pressure monitoring to name a few.

Every effort will be made to allow you and your dog or cat to leave Trusty Vet feeling better. The diagnostic and treatment decisions will be made after a discussion with the veterinarian and we will aim to answer any questions you may have before you leave the hospital.

Here at Trusty Vet we use SignalPET, which provides a unique and comprehensive spectrum of radiology services to give you real-time results of your pet’s health. Click here to learn how SignalPET is the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) in veterinary medicine!